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Nummy & Me

​​​​​​​​"The kids were jamming and the parents were ecstatic. You really made our Purim Chagigah a success!"-Meryl Degan, Program Coordinator

"Last night I asked David what he wants to be when he grows up. He said he wants to be Morah Nummy. When I asked him why, he replied that she is the best Morah in Moriah and she likes everyone she talks to and she is the happiest person who knows the bestest songs!"-David, Age 6

"Congratulations to our Kolaynu Choir, directed by Nummy Kimmel, on the truly moving musical greeting of our Nahariya delegation yesterday. As all of us present can attest, our guests were moved to tears and told us later that NOWHERE have they received the warm, emotional welcome which they felt here at Moriah"-Dr. Prager, Moriah Principal 

"Nummy's effervescent dynamism and contagious smile coupled with her brilliance in music and child development make her an ideal instructor and teacher. You know you are receiving the ultimate experience with the Nummy Brand."-Dr. Silton, Child Psychologist

"William and I had such a great experience at our NummyAndMe music class. Right away, the warmth and love was felt and it was evident that Morah Nummy loves what she does. We were sad when the class ended but we can't wait to sign up for the next session. It was a privilege and a gift to take music class with Morah Nummy!"-Shira Forman

"Zumba with Nummy is amazing! Dena looks forward to the class every week! She has such a great time dancing and moving to the music, and has said that she doesn't even feel like she's exercising.  It's 45 minutes of fun!"-Mom of Zumba participant

Mom to daughter after the recital-

Mom: "You were smiling the entire time! It was so much fun watching you!

​Daughter: "That wasn't a forced smile, Mom! That was true happiness!"

                                                                                        Suri-3rd Grade Zumba